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Q    Will I get lost?

A    Hope so. That’s what you’re paying for.


Q    What if I get lost?

A    We’ll find you in November when we harvest the corn.


Q    How long will the mazes take?

A    If you pay close attention to the map and look for and find all the checkpoints, the smallest

     maze should take about 15 – 20 minutes, the mid-size maze about 30 - 45 minutes and the  

     largest maze about 45 – 60 minutes.


Q    How big is the cornfield?

A    Fifteen acres.


Q    How long have you been doing this?

A    We had our first maze in 2006.


Q    Is it different every year?

A    Yes.


Q    How do you make it?

A    A good maze starts with a good design and we have a professional maze designer (yes, there is

     such a person) draw up a plan, make it fit our field dimensions, program it into GPS and cut the



Q    What ages enjoy the mazes?

A    All ages, really. From little kids to their grandparents.


Q    Are the mazes stroller and wheelchair accessible?

A    Only the smallest maze is relatively flat. The other two mazes include a steep hill.


Q    Can I bring my dog?

A    Sorry, no pets.


Q    Can the kids go in alone?

A   No, kids 10 and under must be with an adult.


Q    Are there bathrooms out there?

A    Only if there is an emergency. The porta-potty is outside the entrance to the maze.


Q    When do you turn the lights on?

A    Really. This is a field.


Q    Should I bring a flashlight?

A    Yes, flashlights are required at night. Bring one or we sell them here.


Q    Will I need boots?

A    Generally, no. But sensible shoes are a must. It is a field, remember?


Q    Do you take credit cards?

A    Cash is preferred, duh. Credit cards are accepted with a surcharge. No checks, though.


Visit us at 12758 Jordan Rd. for an eventful day with your friends and family!

In General:

All ticket sales are final

No drop-offs of ages 10 or younger

No smoking of any kind

No alcoholic beverages

No glass bottles

No outside food or beverages (exceptions made for birthday parties.)


Specific to the Corn Mazes:

Flashlights are REQUIRED in the mazes after dark

Stay on the established paths

Do not pick, pick up or throw any corn.

No running



Let us know if we forgot anything.